Ten recommendations to help you take better care of your Afghan dog

Attending to the specific demands of your Afghan Hound is an essential part of proper care. They have a long, silky coat, so regular maintenance is necessary.

Regular brushing will maintain their coat healthy and avoid matting. Sufficient physical activity is essential; regular walks and plays in a safe space satisfy their energy needs.

Give them a healthy diet that is appropriate for their size, age, and level of activity since nutrition matters. Whole health is ensured by routine veterinary examinations.

To avoid shyness or hostility, socialization is essential. Expose them to a variety of situations, people, and other dogs. Early training is crucial; reinforce good behavior and obedience with positive reinforcement.

Because Afghan Hounds are sensitive to temperature and may need protection in severe weather, make your home a tranquil and loving place for them to grow and develop.

Lastly, maintain good oral hygiene with regular brushing or dental treatments. An Afghan dog that receives regular care and attention to its unique demands will be happy and healthy.